Alchemy of life NFT collection

The story

the Galactic night

12000 years ago our planet entered a phase called the galactic night. It was the end of the age of Virgo and caused the fall of the civilization known as Atlantis.
But an end also means a new beginning.
In the age of Leo an old colony of Atlantis that was situated along the Nile became the new civilization. But as the Galactic Night progressed, the planet fell deeper and deeper asleep. We started forgetting what we were here for and we got completely disconnected from our purpose. The wisdom was lost and changed into religion, as the ancient Egyptian culture we know today, but also with traces in all other religions.

photo of deep sky object
brown and green grass field during sunset

The Galactic day

We now stand on the opposite side of the cycle.
The planet is returning to the Galactic day. We are shifting ages form Pisces to Aquarius. This will mean another collapse from our current society and an evolution into a new one. This new age of Aquarius will be a technological one. This can become a blessing or a disaster, because it’s never the tool that is the problem. It’s how we use it. This means we will have to reconnect if we want this to become an age of prosperity. Because the higher the tree grows the deeper the roots need to be. The more advanced our technology, the more responsible we ‘ll have to be.


Alchemy is the art of transformation.
It is at this critical point in our history that we need to transform ourselves into members of the new humanity.
We have to become reconnected and responsible, to remember our purpose on this planet.

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Join us in this journey and take part in the abundance of life

100% of the proceeds from the Alchemy of Life collection will go to Project Mitosis, to be able to start their first physical community, to serve as the headquarters for the Alchemy of Life online learning platform, to start building the new society in real life, to provide a physical place to learn and reconnect, and from there grow into a world wide network of communities for a new humanity and society.

An Alchemy of life NFT will give you unlimited access* to our online Alchemiy of life learning platform that will provide you with the tools you need for this transformation. We will also give away* free vacations, workshops (real-life and online) and 1-on-1 sessions to our NFT holders in our online community. Maybe even the chance to join a real-life community permanently.

(*see roadmap for the conditions)