Alchemy of life NFT collection

The art

Steffie’s story

The art is based on Steffie’s story as in 2014 she set out to find the Plan that she felt she had to realise in this life. Fascinated by spirituality for many years but equally frustrated by the seeming disconnect between spirituality and real life, she discovered Matias de Stefano, an Argentinian guy with memories of his past lives, with the mission to help fullfill the Ater Tumti plan, which translates as: “to bring the heavens/sky/stars to earth”, or in more practical words to create a new society. She found many of the answers she was searching for and joined in on many planetary activation trips where she got to bear witness to real life magic.

As her need for a community grew, she joined a project in Belgium in 2016. This is where she met her partner Peter. But the beautiful promisses of the project turned into a living nightmare do to poor management and ignorance. To the point where they had to run, find their own place and recover from this horror experience.

project mitosis

But even that wasn’t enough to stop them. With all their knowledge and experience they started working on a way to make it work anyways.

And a few months ago Steffie had the vision for Project Mitosis.

One of the premisses was that there would be an online community to support the real-life community, from where the real-life community then in return could give back to the online community and so the project would be able to keep growing. Not knowing how they could pull this of, they send it into the world and this is how they met Diana.

She resonated with the project and explained how she was really into NFT’s and was looking to do a collection. Based of Diana’s idea and expertise in NFT’s and with Peter already being a digital artist and musician, he created a collection in his signature style about Steffie’s story and what she encountered on her path.

constant exchange of energy

With the sales of the NFTartwork we will start the first real life community for Project Mitosis, a place that will be a safe haven, a learning and growing environment, a healing place to reconnect, an experiment in ontocracy and ecology and the headquarters to serve our online community.

Even though at this point it is very hard for us to make very concrete promises as to what that would look like, because this is a project in full organic growth, we can promise you this. As we believe that an economic system should be a constant exchange, a flow of energy that should serve all, that should flow around the whole system and not to one centralized point, our gains, will be the gains of the entire community. This is why we loved the NFTproject and working with cryptocurrency so much because it so much because this decentralised system is definitly a step in the right direction.


Each NFT will be given light codes for the evolution of humanity and will support the owner in its own evolution

The path of the collection was shown to us and may vary a little bit from traditional NFT collections:

The 7777 pieces will be devided in 5 categories:

Common – Uncommon – Rare – Epic – Legendary

Each category comes with its own set of trades, assets and themes. And each category will be minted separatly at different pricepoints and with a specific set of benefits. For more info check the roadmap.

We strive for growth and we wish for all our members to grow and prosper with us. As the community and platform grows, it will increase the value of the NFTs over time. Our roadmap is based upon giving back value for those who support us and make our goal possible by minting our NFT’s