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What is project mitosis?


The only constant in this universe is evolution, this evolution will happen no matter what. But we have the choice whether this happens consciously or unconsciously. This project is our answer to a calling of wanting to do it consciously.

Project Mitosis started as a vision to create a world wide network of communities that will function as one living being and as a part of the planet through a replication of the biological process that creates new life.

Everything in this universe is created based on a geometrical pattern. So to follow the natural order of things we must follow the patterns of creation. We will follow the process of creation of new life. An egg cell and a sperm cell merge to become one.

This new cell, from which a whole new being can be created, will start to grow. It will duplicate all its DNA and cell organelles. Once all the requirements of its growth are met, it will undergo mitosis, one cell becomes two cells. Both cells will then repeat this process of growth, duplication and mitosis.

This process will go on up to the point where there are enough cells for differentiation and specialization to naturally start occurring so that different organs can be formed.

We are now in the process of finding the place for the first community. For this we packed up our lives in Belgium and moved to Sweden. This will become the place where the fertilisation happens. A process of merging conciousness and awareness with biology and nature.

From there we will start working towards meeting the criteria necessary to achieve a succesfull mitosis.

We will grow ourselves, by working through our traumas and patterns that don’t serve us anymore, by healing and reconnecting with our bodies, by growing our own food and reconnecting with nature, by creating the space for others to join us and do the same eighter in real life or in our online community so that we also can create the necessary means for when the time is right to undergo mitosis and create a second community and so on.

This process will continue until specialisation can start occuring, so some communities will stop taking in new people to help them grow into our collective but will instead start focussing on certain areas of development and research. But other communities will remain stem cells meaning they will keep taking people in and when they are ready they can undergo mitosis into new communities or join already existing communities in need of more growth. This evolution of humans into their real potential and their authenticity will be the foundation of this new being called a conscious humanity that understands its role and responsibilty on this planet.