the team


My name is Steffie Willems. I was born on may 7th 1985 in Flanders, Belgium under a Taurus Sun, Sagitarius Moon and with Aquarius Rising. This makes my human design is a 4-6 Generator. In the Tzolkin Mayan calendar that day carries the sign of the Yellow Self-Existing Seed but since I was born before sunrise I also have the energy of the Blue Electric Night.
Project Mitosis was born from a vision in my mind and I am dedicated to making it a reality.
My role is to help you reach your alignment so you can take full responsibility in becoming your authentic self and enter a new, concious humanity.
I work as a therapist for humans and animals, especially horses. My specialties are physical and psycho-somatic rebalancing and reconnecting.
I love cooking, being in nature and spending time with my animals


I am Peter Widu born in Belgium.
As long as I can remember I knew that the society I grew up in and had to conform to was not the way I would want to live. I tried to conform and succeeded but it didn’t bring joy. So in 2012 I decided to stop living the way I was and go on a journey to find a new way of living. In 2017 I met Steffie and she had words and explanations for so many thing I somehow knew but never learned how to put it all together.
At this point the vision of a conscious society started to show its shape. The next years were a growing process until finally Project Mitosis was born.

I love making non-intrusive musical companions for your me-time and digital art prints. Because I am part of nature I am also at my best when surrounded by nature.