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guided inner work

Inquiry – Inner work – Integration – Presence
The main part of creating a life with less suffering and greater sense of freedom is to realize the spaciousness in which everything is and in which everything comes and goes. Inner work such as Inquiry, inner child healing and shadow work, all combined with nervous system regulating techniques are great tools to use when a subconscious belief is hooked into us so that we are identified with the story. It is that identifying that causes suffering.
We all have past experiences that we may or may not remember that caused us to believe things about ourselves, the people around us and the world. Perhaps it is “i’m not good enough”, “i’m unlovable”, “i don’t belong” or “I am unsafe”. Perhaps we created safety, belonging or a sense of control by repressing emotions like shame, sadness, anger or joy as we grew up. Eventually these beliefs and repressed emotions catch up with us and start showing symptoms like depression, physical pain or addictions. The inability to feel certain emotions impacts our relationship to ourselves, others and life in many ways.
There are parts of us that are longing to be heard, felt, seen, supported and loved and this work is dedicated to those parts.
I love this work and feel passionate about it because i have experienced the benefits first hand. I am learning ways to be more skillful with it all the time.
I want to support and assist those who are ready to dive deep because I too have been guided by others who held space for me and I cannot express how grateful I am and how important that has been to my journey into inner truth &  freedom. 
So, if you resonate with my being and energy and what I offer, and you are ready for transformation and diving deep, taking one step at a time,  I will gladly hear more about you and see what I can do to support you on your journey.
Follow the link below to book a Free Clarity Call – before booking your first session. This 20 – 30 minute call will allow us to get to know each other a bit, and for you to ask any questions you may have about me or the work we will do together. The Clarity call does not require you to book a session afterwards – it’s free of charge and expectations.

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