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what does it TAKE to be a resident


The first group of residents in the first community of project Mitosis will become the foundation of the entire project.

Are you ready:

  • to become the change you want to see in the world?
  • to become your authentic self?
  • to help build a community from scratch?
  • to become part of our collective?
  • to go through the personal and communal process?

Then you might be the person we are looking for!

On the rest of this page we give you a summary of what to expect in terms of values and processes that will uphold the community. If you can find yourself in them, then we hope to hear from you soon!

The communal process

We will have to work on ourselves but also learn to grow and function as a collective. For this last part we will work with the 7 societal chakra concepts: agriculture, culture, technology, economicy, education, politics and spirituality

For the first community the focus in this regard will be the following.

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Spirituality: We recognise that matter was created by the divine universe to experience itself. Matter allows us evolve much faster than in the etheric realms of the universe. We recognise that we are part of the divine universe and so is everyone and everything else. Everything in life, every experience is spiritual. We do not strive to go to the light or to become enlightened. You have incarnated for a reason and for as long as you are here, your job and purpose are here. To devote yourself to becoming your authentic self that you were designed to be, that is the highest form of spirituality.

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Politics: We will commit to transforming ourselves to be able to take complete responsibility for ourselves. This way we can become ambassadors for an ontocratic society. Ontocracy is based on self-gouverning, meaning each person has to become fully responsible. However there will be people in charge of certain areas or responsibilties for organisational purposes, as we still need to grow from where we are now to where we can take full responsibility.

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Education: In our society it’s all about knowledge. But the most important part of learning is transforming knowledge into wisdom. That is what this project is about. Also we seem to strive to be done with learning at some point like it’s an achievement and from there on you are set. While we believe that learning and bettering ourselves is a lifelong process of growth and growth is what brings us happiness and satisfaction. So we will all commit to educating ourselves for the rest of our lives on whatever topic that presents itself that we fall short on and we will provide education for our online community

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Economy: Our current economy is at the verge of having a heart attack because instead off pumping the blood/money/resources around to make sure the whole body gets enough oxigen and nutrients, the current system is trying to make more and more blood go back to the heart and keep it there. We have had many heart surgeries during the past economic crises. But there comes a point where there is nothing left to be operated on because the damage is too big. We will aim to create a system that provides for all so the blood may flow healthy and freely and the whole body may benefit from its exchange.

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Technology: Here sustainability and self-sufficiency will be the big factors. We will be looking for technology that can help us in this regard. Also learning to deal with technology in a conscious way is very important. Since we will be limited in our capacity to recieve people in the first stages of the project, connecting to and providing for our online community will be very important.

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Culture: This being the sacral chakra we want to focus this on healthy sexuality and relationships. Relationships are the fundament of your life experience. Because you experience everything in relation to something or someone else like friends, family, lovers, pets, animals, plants, things,… So it is of the upmost importance that we learn to relate in a healthy way again. And sexual energy is what allows us to create, so we need to regain a healthy relationship with our sexual energy and sexuality in order to become free agents and co-creators of our reality.

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Agriculture: As we strive to become as selfsufficient as possible, agriculture will have a prominent role. We want to strive for an ecological, sustainable and harminious way of cultivation


The personal process will focus on you achieving mental, emotional and physical health.

You will be taken through the RESET program where we will focus on healing the things that need healing and restoring the balance in and between your body and mind.

Some of the keycomponents will be:

  • optimising the organsystems
  • releasing blockages
  • working with your resistance
  • learning to use our body in a harmonious and coherent way
  • using food as medicine
  • solving trauma on all levels
  • learning to be present with your emotions
  • healing fragmentation
  • analysing our beliefsysytems
  • adjusting outdated patterns
  • learning to really listen

We wish for everyone to become their authentic self and transform the patterns that don’t serve us anymore because that is the only way you can take real responsibilty and contribute to the collective of a new humanity.

Because this is such a vital part of making Project Mitosis work, all the stem cell communities will have a healing center that facilitates this process for the residents and even for visitors.

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