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energetic orgasmic release

One of the best kept secrets in the world is the healing power of our life-force energy also known as our sexual energy. In these sessions we use sound and vibration in combination with energy transmission to create a vortex of energy to clear out all of the energetic, emotional clutter, waste and debris that life has left behind in our systems. Once your system has been sufficiently cleared out the life-force or sexual energy will be able to flow freely again resulting in a full body orgasm. No sexual acts of any kind are involved, not by me and not by you. This is an energetical process but it will change your sex life for ever. Sessions can be done online as an individual or as a couple.
Disclaimer: this can be a loud process so you might want to do it in a space where you have a lot of privacy or if you don’t mind that others hear you, give some notice to your immediate surroundings so they don’t disturb you because they are worried about what’s happening.

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